Frequently Asked Questions

 What is The Rocket Recruiter?

The Rocket Recruiter is a place to buy traffic to advertise your business / affiliate program(s). You may also earn commissions by referring new customers, and you may also earn ongoing commissions passively in our 3x4 matrix (see “COMP PLAN” tab).

 How can I join The Rocket Recruiter?

You can join with a credit/debit card, CashApp, or Zelle payment.

 How am I paid in The Rocket Recruiter?

Your commissions accumulate instantly in your back office “Bank” as orders come in from your team members. They will accumulate for as long as you like, and you will need to submit a W-9 tax form in order to withdraw your commissions. Once your wallet has accumulated a minimum of $55, you can submit a withdrawal request. To receive your commissions, you can request to be paid via CashApp, Zelle or Bitcoin.

 How much does it cost to withdraw commissions?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 and all withdraws have a $5 processing fee. Please allow up to 3 business days for processing payouts. Thank you.

 How do I earn 25% check matching bonuses?

You must sponsor 3 personals to unlock the check matching bonuses. A red star will appear by your username in the matrix once you have qualified for the check matching bonus. Then, when you sponsor 6 members you will see a blue star next to your name (indicating the rank of “Explorer” and another generation of matching bonuses). When you sponsor 12 members you will see a gold star next to your name (indicating the rank of “Deep Space Explorer” and another generation of matching bonuses). The matching bonuses are paid on your personals' matrices, not their Fast Start Bonus commissions.

 Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not.

 Do you provide support?

Yes. We provide full customer support.

 I'm from another country. Can I join The Rocket Recruiter?

Yes! We welcome members from all around the world.

 Do I need a domain or web hosting account?

No. Your site will appear on, with your affiliate username to track your sales. You simply promote your affiliate link to make sales.

 Can I get a refund?

Your membership is non-refundable. All sales are final.

 Can I have more than one account?


 Is the back office mobile responsive?

Yes. Some pages like the matrix view, work better when you turn your phone sideways.

 Can I pay for next month's subscription with my commission?

Yes, as long as you have earned enough to cover the cost.

 I paid for the 500 real time clicks... Can I use my Rocket Recruiter website link for the 500 clicks?

Yes, you can promote your Rocket Recruiter business/website in our 500 clicks ad package. Few, if any of the leads/traffic that you get will come from members of The Rocket Recruiter.

 How do I stay qualified to earn commissions?

You need to purchase the 500 clicks ad package once a month. The easiest way to be sure you don’t miss any commissions is to set up an “autoship” so that your purchase is made automatically each month.

 How does the Loyalty Rewards Bonus work?

This bonus is a first in the industry! It helps assure that every single member who wants to succeed can, as long as they are committed to sticking with the business for at least six months. Anyone who maintains a monthly order every month for 6 months straight, and is not yet earning at least $200 a month after six months, can begin to collect a $100 Loyalty Rewards Bonus OR receive a paid member (given to them and placed in their matrix from company advertising). This bonus pays monthly for up to 4 months. That’s up to $400 or 4 “bonus” paid members. More details can be found in the “COMP PLAN” tab.

 Are the matching bonus commissions permanent?

Yes, once you personally sponsor 3, 6 or 12 members, you will “rank up” and you will be qualified permanently for the matching bonuses associated with that rank. Even if some of your personally sponsored members become inactive, you will still receive the matching bonuses of the highest rank you have reached.

 Do you have live weekly zoom calls?

Yes, we have a live zoom call every Wednesday evening at 8 PM Eastern time here: Everyone is invited and guests are welcome. The link for this live video call is on the home page of your back office. This call is an overview of the company, highlighting the unique features, bonuses and income potential of the business. It is the best and most effective way to introduce a friend or prospect to The Rocket Recruiter.

 Why do the first three levels of matrix pay only $5 on each level?

We make up for the smaller commissions on the first 3 levels by paying excellent Fast Start commissions that are permanent. In most other companies, Fast Start bonuses disappear after 30 days or after a single order. Our Fast Start bonuses never disappear. This means that every member you sponsor, no matter where they land in your matrix, earns you $50 every month that they are active.

Because these commissions are available to all members all the time, regardless of which level of their matrix is filling, they provide you with the ability to earn hundreds, or even thousands of dollars that are in addition to your matrix earnings.

Also, the fourth level of your matrix has the potential to earn on 81 people, instead of just 3, 9 or 27. Earning $50 commissions on 81 people is far better than earning $50 commissions on just a few people. This allows you to earn thousands more in commissions from your matrix and your matching bonuses. The key to earning serious money is to stick with it until you sponsor a few motivated members. Those who have persistence and a medium to long term commitment will be richly rewarded!

 What happens when my 3x4 matrix is completely filled?

Just keep going! Obviously there will be many Rocket Recruiter members who fill all the positions of their 3x4 matrix because the total number of positions is only 120. When your matrix is full and all members are active, you will be earning over $4,200/month on your matrix alone! The Fast Start bonuses and the matching bonuses can add thousands more to your bottom line.

Once your 3x4 matrix is filled, members that you personally sponsor would then be placed on your 5th level in the next available matrix position. This is great for you and your team because four of your team members will receive commissions on this new member, and you will receive the $50 Fast Start bonus monthly PLUS whatever matching commissions you are qualified for.

Because the matching commissions pay on up to 3 generations, you can easily be paid on 15+ levels of your matrix! The matrix tree viewer lets you see all the down through your 7th level, so that you can see your team members who are below your first 4 levels.

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